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Online testing (eSkuska, moodle, Teams)

University of economics in Bratislava has prepared several recommended options for online knowledge testing:

Microsoft Teams
eExam - Moodle intended only for testing

If you have problems with logging in, follow the instructions on this portal. If you need further assistance, please create a ticket. In urgent cases, call our helpdesk at +421 2 6729 5555.

Microsoft Teams

You can log in to the MS Teams with your assigned Microsoft account (school email address). Short instruction for teachers on how to use the system in Slovak language:

General video tutorial on using MS Teams in education

Short PDF guide on using MS Teams for testing

Guide to ongoing assessment of knowledge in MS Teams

Guide to creating examples in MS Forms (via MS Teams)

Moodle - Use the eExam guide

This e-learning platform is used to support teaching, assignment submission, assessment, and knowledge testing. All teachers and students have access. Log in to the system using your Microsoft account (school email address).

We set up courses for teachers upon request via


This secure portal is built on the latest version of Moodle and is used exclusively for verifying students' knowledge. To use it, both the teacher and the student must have:

We set up courses for teachers upon request via

Warning: The test must not be closed before the time limit expires! If the time for completion is, for example, 45 minutes, please set the test to close no earlier than 55 minutes after opening.

Guide to testing - eExam

If you have further questions, use helpdesk.

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